Safety Information

Our products are made from naturally occurring bioluminescence found in the deep ocean, similar to Fireflies, Shrimp, Squid, Glowing Fish, and many other marine animals that make light. Our product actually copies a copepod, a small shrimp-like animal, which lives around 2000ft below the surface.

Since this creature lives in the ocean, the glowing proteins are more active in salt water. We add a special kind of salt in our reload tablets, and they are formulated to match the salt percentage in human tears.

Eye Safety:

Realizing some kids might add many extra reload tablets to the gun to see how bright it can get; as an extreme case, we tested our reload tablets at 10X and 40X the intended tablets to test in a wide margin of safety. In third party safety tests we found that it may cause some redness and tearing if 10-40 reloads are added at one time. Even this amount causes no permanent damage at 40X (40 tablets inserted on each side of the toy…that is a lot of salt).

The water inlet ports inside the toy have very fine mesh nylon filters to prevent water impurities; sand, or un-dissolved tablet particles from getting through. This debris is often in tap water and the filters are added to prevent eye injury.

While playing, never aim at face or eyes.

Swallowing Reload Tablets or drinking the glowing Water:

Many kids playing with our prototype products kept asking us, “How many tablets would they have to eat to make their pee glow?”

To answer: Let them know that their “pee” will never glow because the glowing protein contained in the reload tablets is broken down by stomach acid and completely inactivated within 30-120 seconds.

As an extreme test of oral safety, our test was designed to mimic a 4-5 year old kid weighing 10 kg (22 pounds) swallowing 12 reloads (24 tablets) at one time.  Eating this many reload tablets at one time might result in a stomach-ache, nausea, or vomiting only.

If your child swallows a few tablets or drinks the glowing water there is no need to do anything, the actively glowing part of the chemistry is mostly protein and not absorbed; the special salts used in our reload tablets is less toxic then table salt.

Skin Irritation and Contact of tablets or glowing water on skin

In testing, no skin irritation was found when 1 tablet of each color was rubbed directly into the skin daily for 14 days.

If your child is allergenic, and it is of concern to you; we suggest wiping off exposed areas with a moistened towel after use, this will prevent salts from drying on the skin.

Staining of clothes and fabrics, wall materials, etc.

There is little to no staining on most fabrics, walls, and surfaces, however if you notice some slight staining or a dry residue on your furniture, glass, flooring, Etc., wipe with a towel moistened in a weak peroxide or bleach solution (1 teaspoon to cup of water).

Salt residue might leave a white smudge. This can be removed with a moist towel, and is most easily removed before it dries.

Let’s face it: kids are full of surprises, they may add extra tablets to the toy to make it brighter, or put salt and sugar in the toy to experiment with it (we hope they experiment). We have done extensive tests to ensure our product is safe. If you would like to see the actually testing done, please view our detailed safety data page or ask us questions by emailing