BioToy’s Detailed Safety Data

(Test Articles Submitted Dec 12, 2014)

Part1: Plastic Toys, packaging materials, labeling.

Part 2: Chemistry Testing Reload Tablets Formulation

  • Consumer chemical safety testing is done in three parts: Skin, Eye, and Oral toxicity. These tests are performed in mice, rabbits and rats and always under the supervision of trained veterinarians and with minimal pain or discomfort to the animals. Our laboratories are FDA or OECD approved, or both and audited.
  • Our sister company ( is planning to use of bioluminescence in human medicine to replace X-rays (“Lumigrams”) to reduce radiation, as a direct visual aid in surgery; and in food products. Tests have been done to confirm these chemicals DO NOT cause mutations to DNA (in other words: show no evidence of causing cancer); and ARE NOT HARMFUL to living cells (Luminous Insulin Pancreatic Cell used in Diabetes research; Courtesy of Dr. Satoshi Inouye, JNC Corporation, Japan.) And in Surgical Research.
  • Another of our sister companies ( uses bioluminescence in lollipops and other food applications. for some very educational information on the many applications for luminous squirt guns in medicine, please see the Lollipop Safety Page.

Safety Test Results BioToys:

Active Ingredients Safety Testing Extensive Summary

A. Basic Safety Test Results

Note about LD 50:

  • Ordinary table salt is 3.0 grams/kg,
  • White sugar is 22 grams/kg
  • Tap Water is 90 grams/kg


  • Our testing laboratories could only report that the LD 50 is GREATER THAN 5 grams/kg on any of our active glowing ingredients, the limit may be much higher.
  • The toxicity tests linked here have been done to the highest worldwide compliance standards under OECD and US FDA GLP protocols.
  • ALL our testing was performed within Governmental, OECD, and/or US FDA certified facilities.