Shopping Tech Support

I am unable to add items to the shopping cart?

The likely cause is that you were trying to add too many Splashlights to the cart.  If you want to order more than the allowed 24 Splashlights, please .

Another possibility is that you do not have javascript enabled on your web browser.  For now this is required … we adding the ability to shop without javascript but if you would like to continue shopping follow these instructions to enable javascript in your browser.

I get a system error after clicking “Pre-Order Now” on the checkout page?

  • You did NOT receive an order confirmation e-mail : we suggest just trying the complete the purchase again.  In most cases the purchase should get confirmed.  If that fails multiple times, than try to use another credit card.
  • You received an order confirmation e-mail: If you saw an error or a warning during your purchase, but still received a confirmation email  please contact us with the form below.  If you have a screenshot of the error please attach that to the form, and also provide your order number if available.  We may have received payment, you may check your credit card records, and we will check ours.  If the order has been completed and we have record of it, than there is no problem.

The warning says that my card is invalid, but I have tripple checked all my payment info and it is all correct?

Can you try another credit card?  Is the card type ( Visa/MasterCard etc.) set properly?  If problems continue contact use by clicking on the button below and fill out the form and we will help you resolve this issue.  DO NOT provide your credit card info on the form.


If your question has not been answered.  Please contact using the form by clicking on the button below.