Pre-Order FAQ

We are just so excited to bring you our bioluminescent toys that we have decided to start selling them now for when they will be ready to ship on October 1st.  This is ahead of our original launch date which was to be in the summer of 2017, but we think the Splashlights are ready and hope you agree.

Have troubles ordering online?

Take a look at our Technical Support page.

If I order now, when will I get my Splashlight?

We will ship all ordered Splashlights on the 1st of October.  Your splashlight should arrive by October 7th.  If after 10 working days your Splashlight hasn’t arrive and tracking is not available or seems wrong, go ahead and contact us and we will try to locate your Splashlight and resolve the issue.

How will I know if my order was completed?

You will get an email after you order, confirming that we have received your order.  We will send you another email telling you that we have shipped your order to you.  If you have any concerns contact us and we will get back to you soon to address any of your concerns.

Is there any advantage to pre-ordering?

We think so.  Currently we have a limited supply of Splashlights and the first to order will have the best chance of getting one and so pre-ordering will help ensure that you get yours once we start shipping.

As we prepare for shipping on October 1st, we are updating our site constantly.  As we near the end of the month more information about the Splashlight and Bioluminescence will appear.